XI-IATI Org ID Structure Discussion

To be clear about the current process for creating Org IDs: the Tech Team requests an ‘XI-IATI’ Org ID when there is no existing org-id.guide identifier that is suitable for their organisation; and the Org ID team cannot identify a new identifier that may be available to create for that organisation.

Currently, we simply request for XI-IATI + a short acronym or abbreviation for the organisation (i.e. XI-IATI-ATTIC) is used and added to the list of IATI-maintained Org IDs.

In a recent XI-IATI Org ID request post, it has been suggested that a country code (and perhaps an org-type code as well) could be added to XI-IATI Org IDs, to more easily identify the identity of the organisation. e.g. XI-IATI-ATTIC-TD (as Attic is based in Chad).

Further conversations have also been had in this regard previously:

We have created this post so that this can be discussed further while not inhibiting the publishing process for a particular organisation.