Using near real-time IATI data to track aid flows

Webinar: Using near real-time IATI data to track aid flows during the Covid-19 crisis

Date: 30th November 2020

Time: 12 noon-1pm GMT

Hosted by: Development Initiatives

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Moderator: Carolyn Culey, Director of Engagement and Partnerships


  • Global analysis – Amy Dodd, Head of Engagement
  • East Africa analysis – Martha Bekele, Senior Analyst
  • Methodology – Bill Anderson, Information Architect

During the current Covid-19 crisis, having data on aid spending in as near to real-time as possible, has never been more important in understanding current trends and informing decisions. Detailed information on ODA spending in 2020 will not be published by the OECD DAC until the end of 2021. DI’s analysis uses near real-time IATI data to show how aid is changing during the Covid-19 pandemic, and examines the implications of this. While our initial report focusses on global trends, a forthcoming report by our analysts’ team in East Africa looks at country-level data in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

DI will present key findings from both reports, followed by a Q&A session on these.

Using IATI data in this way has presented both opportunities and challenges. In the second part of this webinar, DI will explain the methodology behind our analysis and highlight some of the issues we have encountered in using real-time IATI data. These are being logged and shared with IATI’s business analysts, to provide a feedback loop to publishers so they can further improve the quality of their data, to make it more usable for analysts.

There will be a further round of Q&A on methodology and on data challenges.

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