Tech paper: Improvements to publishing statistics methodologies

Publishing Statistics are calculated nightly to asses the quality of data being published. The methodologies employed are still being fine-tuned to ensure the statistics produced are both fair and accurate.


Coverage assesses what proportion of an organisation’s total output is published through IATI. The current methodology involves the manual collection of reference spend data by the Technical Team. This is very time consuming and unsustainable. The long term solution is for publishers to self-report through the Organisation standard and for the Technical Team to do random checks on this data. An interim measure is also required as self-reporting will take some time to establish itself.

Forward Looking

Not all activities can be expected to have forward-looking budgets. The methodology for deciding which activities are exempt from assessment needs refinement. These include fast-onset humanitarian emergencies and commercially sensitive contracts.

Humanitarian Reporting

The Grand Bargain agreed at the World Humanitarian Summit requires monitoring. This requires some careful thinking. For example real time reporting is best practice for fast onset emergencies, but how does a machine determine when such an emergency is in play and which publishers are involved?

This paper outline is part of the Agenda for the IATI TAG 2016 Technical Consultation Workshop

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A scoping proposal for an additional tab assessing humanitarian action is available here.