Sector Code List - Addition (proposal)

Forgive my ignorance but can someone enlighten me on how a vocabulary could be added to a code list?

In particular I’m wondering what it would take to add the UN CEB categories as a sector codelist. Currently there are 5 categories which can be found at There are on-going discussions to alter them but when they are finalized I’m thinking it may be a desirable list to be able to code against.

While this would only be relevant for UN agencies, there are quite a few of us out there. And I do see other code lists which appear to be targeted (3 Europe & 4-US) so I don’t know that it would be out of line to have this as a vocabulary option.

Feedback on process is much appreciated.


@Michelle_IOM Proposals for additions to non-embedded codelist can be submitted at anytime. This is the current codelist management process.

Could you clarify what the name of the vocabulary to be added is and whether the codelist has been finalised? If you can fill in the sections below and respond to this post, then we will wait for 7 days to hear whether people have any objections to adding a new vocabulary to the sector vocabulary codelist.. Any additional information on how the list is currently being used within the UN and whether the sector vocabulary is the best place to add it would also be much appreciated.


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Dear Petya,

I haven’t forgotten this. I’m waiting for the TAG attendee list to be published as I’m looking for the name of the UN person who I know is a part of both IATI and the group of UN folks who are working on this.

Once the Secretariat posts the list I’ll find the name and reply.

Kind Regards,

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