[Rejected] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-LFTW

The following addition to the IATI Organisation Identifier list has been proposed for Light for the World International.

Name: Light for the World International
Description: Light for the World is a global disability & development organization that enables crucial eye health services and empower people with disabilities in some of the poorest regions of the world.
URL: www.light-for-the-world.org

The organisation is registered in Austria with the Interior Ministry (Bundesministerium Inneres), which is not yet listed on the org-id.guide.

If no objection is received this XI-IATI code will be approved and added in a week.

May I ask why it matters if the Austrian registration agency is in the org-id guide? If there is a publicly available registration number from the interior Ministry it seems that is the number that should be used regardless if one cannot go through the Org-ID guide but has to connect directly to the ministry.

How much effort would it take to get the ministry registry into the Org ID guide?

There is no ticket to add the Ministry to the org-id repository, and according to the repository:

Current status (as of 6th April 2020)

We (Open Data Services Co-operative) are not currently adding new, unsolicited entries to org-id while we focus our efforts on improving the service. (Those improvements will take longer than initially planned because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.) Some open data standards have made arrangements to add fully-researched org-id entries. Requests from those organisations will be dealt with under those arrangements.

I don’t know if IATI still has an arrangement, to me it would also make more sense to get the Ministry into org-id and let them have AT-ZVR-315688676 as their IATI identfiier.

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Dear Rolf,

Ok so I understand the ministry won’t be added to the org-id repository. But why does the ministry have to be in the org-id repository in order for the org to use the ministry generated ID? I still don’t understand why they need an IATI issued ID if one exists in the public domain. And it seems you too don’t understand. Hoping the tech team can jump in here. Seems you’ve already provided the ID here.

Kind Regards,

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I think the main issue is that org-id decides whether AT-ZVR will be used as prefix. Since ZVR is the abbreviation used by the Ministry as well, that is likely. But not guaranteed.

It looks like a pretty straightforward process to add, but I don’t know about the arrangements, or the research that org-id wants to do or the information they would need.

Hi @rolfkleef and @Michelle_IOM ! Apologies for the slow response!

As @rolfkleef has identified as of 6th of April 2020, ORG-ID guide will not be adding new, unsolicited entries. IATI doesn’t have a specific arrangement.

Similar to this request, unless there is fully prepared proposal, the addition won’t be made to org-id.guide.

Looking at the BMI - Bundesministerium site, and thanks to your input, we were able to identify the Light for the World International and create a Github proposal.

As such, I’ll put this proposal as rejected and wait to hear from org-id.guide on the timeline for getting this reviewed and added to org-id.guide.

As stated, there isn’t any. Currently, org-id still sits with us at Open Data Services Cooperative, having started life as a cross-standards collaboration. We still maintain things , and have arrangements to respond to requests from initiatives such as Open Contracting, 360Giving & Beneficial Ownership Data Standard. From our perspective, this is infrastructure that helps us all.

We’ve reached out to the @IATI-techteam in that we do have some technical things in place that make it easier to submit a proposal (directly as a Pull Request), which we hope is helpful.

BUT - the core issue here is about research, not code. It’s still amazing that for an international initiative, we’re asking people to go and research lists in other languages and countries. We’re very clear that this is research we are not qualified to do, or even want to do it! I think we need to have this conversation in IATI very quickly.

To avoid a long thread on the title of XI-IATI-LFTW, I’ll create a new post here on Discuss. Look forward to the XI-engagement…