Region codelist is out-of-date (from OECD DAC source)

Hi @IATI-techteam

The Region codelist seems out-of-date with the OECD DAC source. There seem to be nine new regional codes available, which might be useful to publishers.

I can see that the community-run codelist was updated on 13th April, as the codelist “bot” identified an update to the OECD DAC source.

It’d be great to know the timescales for the central IATI documentation to follow this. I had understood similar automations were already in place.


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Thanks @stevieflow for raising this.

The OECD DAC region codelist was indeed updated with nine new codes being added and one withdrawn. The region codelist is currently not incorporated in the XML codelist. We were in touch with the DAC to check if it will be possible to also incorporate, but in the interim, we have now approved a pull request with the changes so that the IATI Region Codelist is updated. This should happen by the end of next week at the latest and will write an update here once updated.


The Region codelist has now been updated on the IATI website.

Excellent - many thanks @IATI-techteam

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