Publisher ID issue

Dear reader,

I have been including transactions for my organization into AIDstream. I tried to publish our data to IATI but I repeatedly receive a pop-up warning that our publisher ID (under registry information) was not correct. However, I don’t understand which publisher ID should be placed, because our IATI publisher ID is somehow not valid.

If anyone can help me in this issue, I look very much forward to your reply. The AIDstream support desk was unfortunately not of any help.

Warm regards from the Netherlands,

Hi Naomi,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please could you send details of your organisation plus a screenshot of what you’re experiencing to

We’ll sort you out!

Hi @IATI-techteam It’d be great if you could also post the answer here, in case anyone else has the same problem?

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Hi @SJohns, in this case there were two AidStream accounts set up for the same organisation. The first account was connected to the IATI Registry, which prevented the second one from being connected.

The AidStream devs were able to locate the original account and we could then sort the issue.

If you are struggling to connect your AidStream account to the Registry please do read their user guide or e-mail us at