Notification: IATI codelists aligned with OECD DAC codelist (last updated 28 Feb 2020)

IATI replicates a number of codelist from the OECD DAC. Following the latest update from the OECD DAC on 28 February 2020, we have now aligned the below codelist:

Huge thanks to @alex_miller for his work on this and support from @andylolz! Reference to Github Changes.


Great - can I ask what the guidance is on using withdrawn codes? Will these pass the validator, with just a warning, or if publishers have activities which use withdrawn codes will these activities be invalid IATI and so not appear in the datastore?

@matmaxgeds thanks for checking. Yes, files including withdrawn codes will pass validation and will also appear in the datastore.

We have not yet included a warning message for withdrawn codes, but will look into this.

NB DAC codelists were updated again yesterday (5th May 2020).

Thank you for the update @andylolz! Yes, we will be looking at the latest updates in the upcoming weeks and will notify the community when they have been updated on our website.