New IATI Validator pre-launch update

IATI is set to launch its new online data validation tool during the autumn this year. The aim of the new IATI Validator (built by Data4Development and managed by IATI’s technical team) is to drive essential improvements in the quality of development and humanitarian data by checking that it complies with the rules and guidance of the IATI Standard.

Improving IATI validation

The new IATI Validator is being created to replace the existing Public Validator, to offer a more robust service. The new tool will check data against all rules in the IATI Standard; it is technically more robust and therefore easier to maintain, and will offer API endpoints so the service can be linked easily to other IATI tools.

Pre-launch Q&A: New IATI Validator

Ahead of the launch, IATI’s technical team has published a Pre-launch Q&A: New IATI Validator. The document provides comprehensive information to IATI data publishers, users and developers about what to expect from the new IATI Validator. The Q&A will be updated with additional questions from users together with responses, over the coming months.

View Pre-launch Q&A: New IATI Validator

Increased IATI Standard checks

The new IATI Validator will check data against important rules of the IATI Standard that the existing Public Validator does not do. Therefore we anticipate that by using the new tool, many publishers will discover they have many corrections to make to their data, and these may take some time to deal with.

It is important to note that publishers are not expected to correct their data immediately and using the tool is just the first step in the process of improving IATI data quality. By making these changes, publishers can ensure their data is of the highest quality, and is accessible and reliable for anyone working with data on development and humanitarian resources and results.

Ahead of the launch…

Publishers are not expected to undertake lengthy reviews of their data to ensure it fully complies with the IATI Standard. Publishers are encouraged to wait for the IATI Validator to be launched and then start using the tool to automatically check their data quickly.

What support will be offered?

Once the new IATI Validator is launched, it will provide error and warning messages to the users about their files. Support will include:

  • User documentation
  • IATI technical team helpdesk
  • Upcoming webinars held by the IATI technical team on how to use the Validator
  • Peer-to-peer support through IATI Discuss (online community forum)
  • One-to-one calls with the technical team if required

Further information

For full information about the launch of the new IATI Validator, please refer to the Pre-launch Q&A: New IATI Validator. Do email the IATI technical team at if you would like to request that the document is updated with additional questions and answers.