Fee on AidStream features?

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Having logged into AidStream earlier, I came across the option of “Unpublish”, with a description over the tab of it being a “paid feature and free users being able to use the feature for a limited period”.

I wondered if anyone else has had heard any more about any upgrades or shifts towards some of AidStream’s features having a fee ?

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Belgian CSOs are also very interested in knowing the answer to this question.

Perhaps ask @anjesh ?

Yes, we are planning to provide subscription based services in AidStream with access to premium features for the paid users. We are still working on more features before we roll out the subscription model, in early 2020. The IATI standard version upgrade and existing features will remain free. The existing users will not be affected much.

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Thank you for providing an update, it would be good to hear nearer the time of the roll out what are the features which will incur a fee, so we can provision within our respective organisations the benefits of the premium features.

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