Donor IATI Requirements

As more and more donors make IATI a requirement for their partners - or consider doing so - we thought it would be helpful to gather information on those official requirements in one place. Below are the requirements issued by the British and Dutch governments. If you know of others, please add!

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Great idea Laia, thanks!

Hi all,
Feels like I’m resurrecting a dead thread here, but here goes…
Does anyone have any visibility of current and upcoming donor requirements for IATI publication?
As I understand it the donors currently requiring publication are:
Denmark (DANIDA)

Any other donors who seem likely to mandate IATI reporting?

Hi @Peter and I don’t know if you want to add the Grand Bargain humanitarian publishing requirements to that list (for Grand Bargain signatories at least)?

FYI we are now getting close to completing the build of the new IATI Humanitarian Data portal (aka the replacement Grand Bargain replacement dashboard) and will therefore be planning some communications to GB Signatories around the launch of the new site. We are therefore anticipating that the planned comms will include (re)invigorating the existing and latest Grand Bargain asks for publishing humanitarian specific elements.

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Hi Wendy, just seen this - do you have any more info on the requirements or guidance? Also launch date for portal? Thanks, Sarah

As an update @SJohns, we have yesterday (9/12/19) initiated (via webinar) an ‘Alpha’ launch of the new IATI Humanitarian Data Portal for a small group of Grand Bargain Signatories. Assuming no major issues are identified our current plan is to release the new Portal in ‘Beta’ to all GB Signatories wef end Jan/ early Feb 2020.

In addition we are also in discussions with the IATI Technical Team with regard to updating the IATI core publishing guidelines for humanitarian early next year.