Discuss is going into read-only mode

Dear Discuss-community,

As you know we will be migrating this platform, both content and users, to the new IATI Connect platform. As of Wednesday 25 of November - 12pm (GMT/UTC) IATI Discuss will be in read-only mode. This allows us to move all content over for the launch on the 30th.

The new IATI Connect will have:

  • A dedicated space for the Discuss-Archive (containing our current Discuss and a link to existing archive);
  • Ongoing / specific discussions will be integrated into the new IATI Communities, and would hopefully provide an opportunity to widen the audience and embed it into the wider IATI discussions;
  • IATI-wide consultations and technical discussions, such as the Standard Management category, will be housed under the IATI Connect Consultations;

What does this mean for you in practice?

  • Every migration takes some time. Therefore, as of Wednesday 25th of November - 12pm (GMT/UTC) the Discuss-content and users will be ‘on the move’. Any changes made on Discuss post 12pm (should be disabled) and will definitely not be moved across to the new platform.
  • You will all receive a notification (by email) once we have arrived at our new location: IATI Connect. Through that notification you will be assigned a new profile on the platform (which is pre-arranged) and additional relevant onboarding information.
  • IATI Discuss will stay in read-only mode for 6 months before being removed. This will allow us time to make sure no content is lost and is findable on the new platform.

Once you access your profile, you’ll be able to join a Community of Practice, register for events, contribute to discussions, see other content specific to those groups, and much more.

Of course we hope everything will go smoothly, but every migration is exciting. In case you have any questions or comments please send us an email through connect@iatistandard.org.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you ‘on the other side’.


IATI Secretariat