Dashboard isn’t currently updating

I’ve raised a ticket on github, but flagging here as well for greater visibility:

IATI Service Monitor is reporting that the dashboard was last updated more than 7 days ago. The timestamp in the footer suggests it was last updated on 5 August.

Is this a known issue? Thanks

This looks resolved now – the dashboard appears to be updating daily again. Thanks!

Hmm… Perhaps I spoke too soon. It looks like there have been more problems with sporadic updates (there were no updates for 9 days, according to IATI Status).

Is there a known issue here? Thanks

Hi Andy,

Thanks for flagging this. We’re aware that not all updates are happening as expected. Please do continue to log GitHub issues and we will investigate — at the moment we are all-hands-on-deck prioritising work on the Datastore and Validator in preparation for launch in a few weeks. We will investigate what’s going on with the Dashboard in due course.