Dashboard and Publishing Statistics Split

Following a decision at last year’s Technical Audit, our developers have been working on moving the IATI Publishing Statistics section from dashboard.iatistandard.org/ onto a separate website, in order to better meet the different needs of internal and external users of the tool and to improve the tool’s performance. Developer John Askew has now completed a big piece of work to split the code, enabling us to launch the Dashboard and Publishing Statistics as two separate platforms:

For our Users, the viewing and browsing experience will not change: we have updated all the links to now point to either portal’s pages and we have also provided a redirect system that will automatically redirect your existing bookmarks to the new Publishing Statistics url’s version of the pages.

A big benefit of this work is improved and updated performance: now both tools can aggregate, crunch and rebuild the pages on a daily basis. (Previously the dashboard did not update daily.) It will also make it easier for the Tech Team to investigate and debug anything that does not function properly.

The code for Publishing Statistics is hosted at https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Publishing-Statistics while the Dashboard is still at its old home https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Dashboard

Thanks John for all your work on this!

Wendy Thomas, IATI Technical Lead


Post edited with, erm, the correct links!!


Thanks Wendy, and good stuff from @John_Askew and @samuele-mattiuzzo et al.

Just today I was working with a publisher walking through their data quality, and being able to see timeliness figures accurate to the day was really useful (especially because we can still pull the /stats trick with the URL to find out what’s happening with the JSON under the hood :innocent:)


Good to see improvements to the Dashboard and Publishing Statistics portal.

Poking around the Publishing Statistics portal, I noticed that the individual publisher links don’t seem to work - getting an http 404 error. It is useful to be able to go to publishers’ pages/data, so hopefully these links can be restaured.

Thanks for raising @YohannaLoucheur we’re looking now into this issue so that it can be fixed by the time the next re generation of the portal happens!