[Approved]New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-WVDRC

The following addition to the IATI Organisation Identifier list has been proposed for World Vision’s DRC Office.

Due to their publishing time-frame and that there are currently no registrars which offer stable identifiers in DRC, the XI-IATI identifier has been pursued.

Name: World Vision DRC
Description: Our teams have been working in the DRC since 1984. Today, we are working to contribute to the measurable and sustainable improvement of well-being for 5,311,208 children and their communities through transformational development and humanitarian relief programmes focused on: health and nutrition, education, water and sanitation, protecting children, livelihoods and resilience, food aid, psychosocial support and the reintegration if displaced people.
URL: https://www.wvi.org/congo-drc/about-us

If no objection is received this XI-IATI code will be approved and added in a week.

As there have been no objections to this request, XI-IATI-WVDRC is now considered approved and will be added to the codelist in due course.