[Added] New Organisation Identifiers for Somalian NGOs

Four additions to the IATI Organisation identifier list have been proposed for the following Somalian NGOs:

  • Gargaar Relief and Development Organization
  • Wardi Relief and Development Initiative
  • Umbrella for Community Education in Somalia
  • Somali Women Study Centre

The organisations with which the NGOs are registered have been reviewed by Org ID for the most appropriate identifier, and it was concluded that no organisation identifier is currently available.

Name: Gargaar Relief and Development Organization
Description: GREDO is a national NGO that is based in Baidoa which is the capital city of South West Administration of Somalia. It exists to support and reach the most affected grass-root communities in those regions and in Somalia at large. Our support focuses on Emergency and Development programs with a key thematic sectors of Integrated Health, Nutrition and Wash, Education and FSL.
URL: www.gredosom.org

Name: Wardi Relief and Development Initiative
Description: WARDI is a national NGO that exists to collaborate and provide assistance in all relevant sectors to the Somali communities. The key thematic intervention areas are Emergency relief, Food security and livelihood, Wash, Health and Nutrition, Education and Peace building and governance.
URL: www.wardirelief.org

Name: Umbrella for Community Education in Somalia
Description: UCES is a national NGO that exists to work for advancement of Somalia Education by delivering formal and non-formal, alternative Education system to improve the knowledge of the Community through active advocacy and networking to deliver quality Education.
URL: www.UCES.org

Name: Somali Women Study Centre
Description: SWSC is a women led NGO, founded in 2011 and based in Mogadishu & Kismayo, Somalia. SWSC seeks to achieve gender equality and social inclusion by empowering Somali women to exert their agency and improve their socio- economic status through strengthening their leadership, mentoring, capacity building, advocacy, and research to enable them articulate their specific needs in post- conflict Somalia.
URL: https://www.somaliwomenstudiescentre.org/

If no objection is received, these XI-IATI codes will be approved and added in a week.

I there any way to find out what has stimulated this set of registrations e.g. they all appear to be subcontractors of CARE, who I guess have a UK or Netherlands contract?

Hi Matt,

You’re quite right, Org IDs were requested for these NGOs by a contact at CARE UK, who is supporting their colleagues at CARE Somalia, who in turn are hoping to help their in-country partners to publish to IATI.


Speedy as ever, thanks @JoshStanley - I am chasing on the Somali end to see if there are any registrars that org-id don’t yet know about that could help out here.


Thanks Matt, that would be great!


It may be useful to know that our contact at CARE Somalia has advised that the 4 organisations are registered with the following registrars:

Gargaar Relief and Development Organisation
South West State of Somalia
Municipality of Mogadishu

South West State of Somalia
Hirshabella State of Somalia
Municipality of Mogadishu

Somalia Federal Republic

Somali Women Studies Centre (SWSC)
Jubbaland State of Somalia

Thanks @JoshStanley

That is definitely a tricky part i.e. as a federal country, trying to figure out whether an NGO that is registered with a state, also registers with the Federal Government.

Also because the orgs work across multiple states, but have different ID numbers in each, would IATI expect them to use the relevant ID number from the state that they are working in? I don’t think so, but it would certainly be weird for someone from Hirshabelle to lookup and NGO and not find them because the IATI-ID code the NGO was registered with was the one from Jubbaland, not the one from their own system? Can I organisation have multiple ID codes if the same organisation is recoded across multiple ID systems?

I have also found out from my contact that “as a Ministry (of Planning), we just coordinate INGOs and see if their country plans are aligned with the national priorities (NDP). Normally, NGOs are registered by the Ministry of Interior and the taxation falls into the Ministry of Finance. INGOs coming to the country make prior contact with the Ministry of Foreign affairs.”

I am wondering if the issue of new ID codes each year is a state level issue, and therefore if any parts of the national government have a more stable list of codes - more info when I get it.

Thanks @matmaxgeds

The guys at CARE Somalia are happy to wait on this a little longer until you hear back about whether the government have a stable list of codes that they might be able to use.


I don’t know if it helps but as I continue to look for registrations of organizations and when the Org ID finder bears no fruit, I have found this listing of registries by county to sometimes help.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_company_registers Unfortunately in this case there is no listing for Somalia.

Org IDs for partners will be the death of me in IATI. :slight_smile:

Good Luck,


I didn’t know about that list, thanks @Michelle_IOM :slight_smile:

Greetings to you all.
My name is Judy Karioko, Programs Coordinator , Somali Women’s Studies Centre(SWSC).
Just to confirm, SWSC is also registered under the Federal Government of Somalia, not just at Jubbaland State of Somalia.

Registration both at the Federal and Federal member states levels is renewable annually.

Hi Judy, great that you are posting on IATI discuss.

Can I confirm that your registration with the Federal Government is with the Ministry of Interior? And if so, ask whether you get a registration number from them, and if so, whether it changes every year, or whether it is the same each year?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Matt,
Registration from the Federal Government is with Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs & Reconciliation.

At the Jubbaland State level, it is under the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation (MOPIC).

Unfortunately, registration numbers change everytime we register, both at the federal level and federal member state level.

Thanks for confirming @SWSC - I work with FGS/MoPIED in Mogadishu, hence I was hoping that the FGS registration would have a fixed number, then I could try and convince them to publish it, so that you could have a Somali-based ID, not a generic IATI one.

I will keep working on this, but don’t want to hold up your registration so @JoshStanley, no more input planned from me at this stage, sorry not to be able to help this time

Thanks for your help on this @matmaxgeds and @SWSC, it’s much appreciated.

We’ll continue with the XI-IATI identifiers on this occasion but keep us posted if you make any future breaktthroughs Matt!