[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-EFRD

The following addition to the IATI Organisation identifier list has been proposed for Engage Foundation for Research and Dialogue. The request was reviewed by org-id.guide for the most appropriate identifier, and it was concluded that no alternative organisation identifier is currently available.

Name: Engage Foundation for Research and Dialogue
Description: Engage Foundation for Research and Dialogue is a research and discourse generation collective that was established in 2015 and seeks to approach issues of human rights, citizenship and democratization in an interdisciplinary and inter-sectional manner with the hope that a nuanced and sensitive exploration of relevant issues will lead to engagement with an audience beyond the privileged English speaking minority of Pakistan. Engage attempts to present dense or overlooked subjects of public importance in captivating audio and visual formats with the hope that exposure to such subjects will lead to a broader public understanding of life in a modern democratic state.
URL: http://engagepakistan.com/engage/

If no objection is received, this XI-IATI code will be approved and added in a week.

As one week has passed, this XI-IATI identifier has been approved and will be added to the IATI Organisation Identifier list in due course.

We acknowledge the on-going discussions regarding the use and formation of XI-IATI identifiers. However, until a new process is agreed and established, we will continue to follow the existing process.

GitHub PR: https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Codelists-NonEmbedded/pull/287