[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-BBDN

The following addition to the IATI Organisation Identifier list has been proposed for Bangladesh Business & Disability Network, a downstream partner of Sightsavers.

They have applied for NGO status in Bangladesh (http://org-id.guide/list/BD-NAB) but intend to publish before will to be added to the list of NGOs, hence this request:

Name: Bangladesh Business & Disability Network
Description: The Bangladesh Business and Disability Network (BBDN) is a voluntary group of representatives from business, industry, employers’ organizations and selected non-governmental and disabled peoples’ organizations. BBDN has a primary purpose of facilitating disability and work place diversity in Bangladesh from the perspective of the business and human rights cases.
URL: https://www.bbdn.com.bd/

If no objection is received this XI-IATI code will be approved and added in a week.

As there have been no objections to this request, XI-IATI-BBDN is now considered approved and will be added to the codelist in due course.