[Added] Links to Regional Lists

I may be mistaken but didn’t there used to be links within the standard that pointed us to the exact vocabulary lists used for regions. I see that code 1 is the OECD DAC and 2 is the UN but I’m not seeing links to those two documents. I thought there used to be links. Did this change or am I mistaken?

For what its worth, having links to the actual lists is helpful for new users to ensure one gets to exactly what the standard is looking for.

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Hi @Michelle_IOM,

The Region vocab list has never contained URLs, but this is something we can add.

Do you have sources for these which you are using at the moment? If yes, please do post them and we can have a look.

The best I could find is:


to download a CSV or Excel file the link would be:


@Michelle_IOM presumably it’s the “Geographic Regions” page specifically? Rather than the “Countries and Areas” one that you land on initially.

Alas, I can’t see how to get a direct link to the “Geographic Regions” bit.

I have the same questions about getting a direct link…

Yes it is the Geographic Regions. The second link I provided gets you there directly. Or as direct/far as possible. One still has to download the excel or CSV.

Does that make sense?