[Added] January 2019 DAC codelist updates

The January 2019 DAC codelist updates have now been published.

I’ve sent a pull request (#283) that updates the corresponding IATI replicated codelists from the DAC XML source.

This replaces previous DAC codelist amendments in #249.

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The January 2019 updates from the DAC codelist are now live on the IATI Website.
New codes and changes to titles and descriptions of existing codes have been made to the below IATI codelist:

  • Aid Type Category
  • Aid Type
  • Collaboration Type
  • Finance Type Category
  • Finance Type
  • Flow Type
  • Sector
  • Sector Category
  • Policy Marker

The tech team will be working on updating the changelog within the next two weeks.

For summary of new codes see this pull request. Additions to policy marker codelist are summarised here.

Thanks again @andylolz for all the support!