Transaction Type Codelist - Humanitarian Data

It would be great to get thoughts and suggestions on the transaction type codelist as we work through how to tag “announced” or “anticipated” commitments in the humanitarian space.

We have a specific category of transaction that is not considered a ‘pledge’ (which we understand to have specific political meaning), but is not yet a binding, legal financial obligation (what we tag as commitment). The anticipated funding has merely been “announced.” Do others have this type of anticipated/announced funding to humanitarian activities that they do not consider to be a ‘pledge?’ If so, could this be accommodated in the codelist? We would like to publish this data, but are struggling to find a way to do so.

Additionally - as another question, is anyone thinking through how to publish any sort of pledge or announced/anticipated funding when this is a fuzzy number that may change? For example, an announcement that is $100 one month, but the pledge or announced/anticipated amount increased to $150 the next month - it doesn’t seem like there is a good way to publish this in IATI - it would need to be clear that the total amount is $150 - not $250. Is anyone else discussing this internally or have suggestions?