Locating translated codelists

We are trying to locate the French versions of some IATI codelists. We found some on Github, but are missing the following:

TiedStatus.xml (though this last one may be a DAC one?)

Anybody knows where to find them?

Not all the codelists on GitHub have French translations. As far as I’m aware those missing translations do not exist, and didn’t exist when I initially uploaded the French translations to GitHub. There’s an archive of the previous codelist system, and French versions of the above are missing from that also http://codelists103.archive.iatistandard.org/data/codelist/

@YohannaLoucheur thanks for flagging this issue which has been on our ‘to do’ list for quite some time but for which we have just not had the capacity or resources to progress as yet. However, if it would help in the short term, we could try to identify some funding from the budget to arrange for the codelists you have highlighted to be translated into French? However, we do recognise that we need to establish a more sustainable mechanism for maintaining codelists in multiple languages in a way that ensure they remain up-to-date whenever they are updated. An IATI Standard upgrade might be a useful point at which to implement such a mechanism but I would be interested to know what you and other members of the IATI community think of this as a proposal?

Yes, it would be very helpful to have the codelists translated and available quite soon, as they are needed by the team building our new data visualization platform.

I think it would make sense for this to become part of the normal standard upgrade process - just like e.g. documentation and guidance are revised/updated to reflect any changes in the standard. In fact, we had assumed this was already the case, given there was agreement on the need to have codelists available in multiple languages. This is how the WP-STAT proceeds as well; when changes are made to any part of the standard (like, for instance, the recent purpose codes related to country budgets), they are posted in English and French at the same time. The translation is an integral part of the upgrade process.

Thanks @YohannaLoucheur and just to let you know that we have started the process for getting the codelists listed above translated in French ASAP. Also, we will initially only be providing them in .xml format so I hope that is okay? We are however, also looking at making the translation process a more formal part of all of our Standard upgrade procedures and so this will also include investigating how we can provide the codelists in other formats (.csv, json) in a resource effective way.

Wendy, do we have an ETA for the translated codelists?

@YohannaLoucheur We are due to get the translations back at the end of the week so I would hope (depending on competing priorities) that we would be finally able to make the formatted lists available in another week or so.

Hi All,

French translations are now live for the codelists mentioned above. They can be seen in the raw xml files linked in the given codelist’s guidance page.

Thanks Rory & other secretariat staff who helped with this.

Hi there

I just signaled a problem with the Related Activity Type codelist translation on Github. Pls let me know when it has been addressed (or at least whether our proposed terms are acceptable) as we will be using the same terminology in our internal systems.

Hi there, where can I find the French codelist localisation of the latest version of the standard ?

Thought I might bump this question up…

So I have a partial answer for @CecileLG (tks @stevieflow!)

  1. Not all codelists are available in French (this will hopefully be improved soon).
  2. Those that are can be found on the codelist page, in (some of) the xml files.

For instance, for Conditions Type (http://iatistandard.org/203/codelists/ConditionType/), the French version is in xml under CLv2 and CLv3 (but not under CLv1). It’s not in the CSV files; I don’t know for JSON.

Pls note however that all DAC codelists (e.g. sectors, aid type, flow type etc) are available in French on the DAC website.

The French translations of the DAC codelists are all available in the IATI XML (I added them all! :slight_smile: )

And in the Open Knowledge clone that I maintain. E.g. here’s the sector codelist (as html; csv; json).

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Yes, I know they are in the xml (thanks for doing this!)

But for mere humans hoping to use the codelists in day-to-day work (eg download as a table for reference), the DAC (and your clone) is more user friendly.


Sorry, yes – you’re quite right @YohannaLoucheur! (Apologies for my unhelpful comments.)

The IATI standard site generator is capable of generating the site in other languages – it’s just missing translations. For the purposes of demonstration, I’ve generated and deployed a French version here:

So e.g. here’s the codelist for “type de condition”: https://andylolz.github.io/iatistandard-multilingual/fr/203/codelists/ConditionType/

Hope that’s useful! It would be great if francophones would be interested in translating more of the site, and then it could be deployed somewhere official.

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